Sunday, 14 June 2009

you got to kiss a lot of frogs...

If you are serious about creating business through 'in bound' marketing techniques then you have to be realistic about the time you have to spend on it.

Twitter takes time, you have to build a large following, move them around your social network and develop your online customers by creating a sense of intimacy and friendship, and lets be really clear here - these people are not our friends.

Perry Belcher is a marketer who is using his twittergang to put his work out there and he works damned hard to create his powerbase. He has over a million followers and I noticed this morning he follows nearly the same amount of people.

So thats it! He uses the you follow me, I'll follow you back principle, and its working for him.

Check Perry out, he does great little 'quick and dirty' videos online - helping us all understand the basics of successful communication - in fact if you really look closely, you'll realise that you know this stuff.

Its great to have it spelled out for you by a confident, american with a big personality and hip specs though isn't it?

Marketing online is not hard, it takes time and with a bit of common sense and a clear vision for what you want to achieve across your whole campaign; Twitter, Facebook, Myspace and other social media applications can add value to your marketing mix.

Don't loose sight of what you are trying to achieve - if your business typically depends on excellent pitching to get you the work - then spending 3 hours a day working your social media network might not be the go!

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