Friday, 12 June 2009

all the little birdies on jay bird street...

... love to hear the birdie go tweet tweet tweet! My gosh there is so much twaddle about twitter online, it's a wonder any sane person signs up at all.

Get past all the celebrity nonsense or the silliness talked about the possibility of generating building millions of dollars worth of business in a week and what have you got? People talking to people about the stuff they like or don't like. It all depends on whether they fancy themselves as 'love puppy' sharers or net savvy debunkers on a mission to give us all a dose of their personal reality.

There's a growing number of businesses that are using twitter and other social networks to create genuine interest in what they have to offer, simply by engaging their customers where they like to hang out.

Whatever they're up to - the trick is to get the twitterati to like you! If they like you, they'll tell others about you by retweeting your tweets and then maybe they'll follow you some more and after a while, if you keep them interested, they'll want to know even more about you. That's when they'll leave twitlandia and come and find your blog or your website.

People like free stuff. They like it even more if its the really good free stuff. So all you have to do - is figure out what you have that is good and useful and that people will really like and start twittering about it.

If people like your stuff, they'll tell other people about it and before you know it - they'll all be wanting more of your really good stuff!

Hang on a minute - that's like the old days - when word of mouth was king - and brands like Ben and Jerrys created a buzz by doing what they did best - really well. People liked it and told other people about it and soon thet got to show loads more people their good gear.

Can't be that hard then? Here's three things to figure out today, to get you started.

1. First off before you start, ask yourself what it is that you are really good at? Think about what you are really passionate about? Is it something you could give advice and help about online? That's great. Your in bound marketing campaign can begin!

2. Figure out a good way to share this good stuff with your social network buddies for free! Don't forget to invite them to find out more about you and your other good stuff.

3. And now you need to keep up the momentum. Make sure that if they do love your advice, your funky little art sketches or your wonderfully useful widgets, you're ready to offer them more. Once you start this 'make 'em like me by giving them freebies' malarky - you'll need to keep it up, don't worry it will pay off.

Experiment with this in a small way for a few weeks and notice how many more followers you pick up - and who they are. Come back and tell me how you got on, and what cute things you came up with to get retweeted.

I'm betting that your new friends will all be people interested in your your products and services too. Now you need to turn that new twitter follower into a customer.

Communciation and marketing types call that lead conversion!

See - you can do it. It's easy...

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